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Windows Touch vs PyMT: Why multi-touch programming on Windows is too complicated!

Now, I am obviously a bit partial on this topic, having worked in pyMT for quite a while and all.  But I think doing so, we’ve made some valuable observations about what is involved when you program for multi-touch input.  If you want to code multi-touch interactions or applications context becomes very important.  If you read the rest [...]
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not much happening here lately.  i have been pretty busy becoming a dad lately .  check back soon, im working on some updates to the website and stuff like that.
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Personal Reflections on IDC, nuigroup and Open Initiatives on User Interfaces

IDC and awesome people I was invited about a month ago to attend IDC by “the nuigroup team”. For those that aren’t familiar with it, nuigroup is an online community of people interested in “natural” user interfaces. Last summer, I made some money participating as a student in google summer of code under the nuigroup organization. [...]
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pymt is a python module for developing multi-touch enabled media rich applications. Currently the aim is to allow for quick and easy interaction design and rapid prototype development. There is also a focus on logging tasks or sessions of user interaction to quantitative data and the analysis/visualization of such data. check it out:
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gpu acceleration for tbeta

I’m kinda tired as its getting late, but I wanted to post something since I’ve been so busy lately and the blog is one of the things that sort of ended up suffering from it.  More later when I fix some of more bugs and get to do some better testing on some real hardware. I [...]
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first svn commit

I uploaded some code to svn.  Google code project is here: I’ll add some documentation in the days to come. I need to also make the user interface for filter chain configuration better and get the blob detection and tracking working.
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Hello World

Hello World. the default Wordpress title is quite fitting. This blog is meant to document my google summer of code project. I am working on implementing gpu accelerated blob tracking for nuigroup. NUIgroup is awesome community made up from people around the world sharing a common interest in natural user interfaces [...]
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Zero Force Touch

After finally getting everything set up in the lab, I ran some tests. I’m getting great zero force recognition on the touches. Especially when the lights are out!When the lights are on it doesn’t work as well, but it still responds. The rear projection film that will be going on top of [...]
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I finally got my display set up in the lab. My friend Arvind helped me take some pictures. He took some really cool photographs.There is a whole bunch of photos. At the end of the gallery there are also a couple of shots of the setup.We also took some video snapshots that [...]
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First Test

First Test with full hardware setup. things are still a little of and need a little calibration. The compliant surface made from thinned silicone caulk works well.A video of the touchscreen in action:
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