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To analyse or not to analyse conected components

So to figure out the location of independent blobs one has to first figure out which pixels belong to what blob.  This is usually reffered to as connected component analysis/labeling.  The standard algorithm do do this starts in one corner of an image and then looks at the next pixel until it reaches opposite corner [...]
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first svn commit

I uploaded some code to svn.  Google code project is here: I’ll add some documentation in the days to come. I need to also make the user interface for filter chain configuration better and get the blob detection and tracking working.
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Hello World

Hello World. the default Wordpress title is quite fitting. This blog is meant to document my google summer of code project. I am working on implementing gpu accelerated blob tracking for nuigroup. NUIgroup is awesome community made up from people around the world sharing a common interest in natural user interfaces [...]
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