gpu acceleration for tbeta

I’m kinda tired as its getting late, but I wanted to post something since I’ve been so busy lately and the blog is one of the things that sort of ended up suffering from it.  More later when I fix some of more bugs and get to do some better testing on some real hardware.

I have been working on integrating the gpu accelerated tracking into tbeta–a new tracker that is being developed by Seth Sandler.  I’ve managed to add all the gpu based pre processing to the current OpenCV based filter pipeline and added some new glsl filters along the way.  For now I am just reading back the result from the preprocessing using glReadPixels (which is really slow) and feeding it to the OpenCV contourFilter and tracker.  Still I seem to be getting a speedup from 170fps to 270fps (although I am not sure if those numbers are accurate).

I’ve got some bugs to fix when using video instead of the camera, and also still need to hook up the sliders to the gpu filters.  The parameters are still in the xml format I had them before.  And of course I still need to fix the rest of the pipeline to avoid the costly readback.

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