I finally got my display set up in the lab. My friend Arvind helped me take some pictures. He took some really cool photographs.

There is a whole bunch of photos. At the end of the gallery there are also a couple of shots of the setup.

We also took some video snapshots that show the performance of the display.

Check out the gallery with all the pictures:

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First Test

First Test with full hardware setup. things are still a little of and need a little calibration. The compliant surface made from thinned silicone caulk works well.

A video of the touchscreen in action:

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These are some sketches I made a while back. They are ideas for how to mount the touch screen once it is done.

I think I might have to go with something a bit more sturdy after all…

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Here are some pictures from my first prototype. There is also a video of the first FTIR effect I recorded using an old webcam.

I used a small acrylic sheet that I bought and 6 infra red LED from the University engineering store with some resistors.

The camera was an old usb webcam I had lying around. The milk jug is actually an orange juice jug.

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